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Whirlpool Induction Hob with Clean Protect 60 cm | WFS3660CPNE

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  • 2 Year Labour 10 Year Parts Warranty
  • Type: Induction
Regular price €599,00
Regular price €599,00 Sale price €599,00

4 induction rings. FlexiCook zone allows you to combine multiple burners creating one large cooking zone for larger pans and dishes. Intuitive slider, for effortless control of your appliance settings. This Whirlpool induction glass-ceramic Hob features: An elegant technology, that heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion and providing perfect cooking results. Electric power supply.

Chef ControlChef Control is an innovative cooking tool that allows you to cook without having to adjust temperatures via the hob. Simply shift the pots around on the cooking surface and enjoy delicious meals!
Induction technologyFaster, energy-efficient cooking.
Induction technology heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%, and providing perfect cooking results.
Melting FunctionPerfect low-heat cooking.
The Melting function allows you to cook at very low temperatures, providing you with the ideal solution for melting chocolate, butter or for cooking light, delicate sauces.
Keep warmWarm meals, anytime.
The low-powered Keep Warm function prevents your food from cooling, whilst the rest of the meal is being prepared.
Simmering FunctionSuperb simmering.
The Simmering function allows you to obtain the perfect results for your slow-cooking recipes, and prevents your food from toughening.
BoosterEnjoy super fast boiling times with the Booster cooking zone.
6th SENSESetting the correct heat level is no longer an issue, thanks to 4 special pre-set functions - up to 4 for each cooking zone. Just select the program and the hob automatically sets the best heat level for the desired cooking method.
Touch controlCooking at the press of a button. Thanks to TouchControl, the precise control of your hobs is at your finger tips.
CleanProtectThe easiest to clean hob, using just water*. Thanks to the innovative nano coating on the Whirlpool CleanProtect induction hobs, you can effortlessly clean your hob using just water. The coating protects the hobs from tough stains and halos for a long-lasting shine. *Compared to Whirlpool’s uncoated hobs.