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Air fryers have revolutionised home cooking by allowing people to quickly make crispy, delicious "fried" foods like french fries, chicken wings, and veggie chips using little to no oil. Instead of submerging food in fat like a deep fryer, air fryers use rapid hot air circulation to produce that crispy texture we love without all the excess calories and fat. Not only does this make favourite fried treats healthier, but air fryers are also convenient - their small size takes up minimal counter space, they preheat rapidly, and clean-up is a breeze. From fries to chicken to even desserts, air fryers can cook up amazingly tasty meals in record time. Their versatility, ease of use and health benefits make air fryers a must-have appliance.

Finucanes Electrical stocks the best air fryers from brands such as Ninja, Philips, Sage and Tefal. Enjoy the food guilt-free!

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