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Whirlpool WFS3977NE 77cm Induction Glass-Ceramic Hob |

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  • Type: Induction
Regular price €599,00
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Take the space you need by combining two cooking zones into one.

Chef Control

Divides the hob into three or four cooking zones, and activates them simultaneously at a pre-set power level. Pans can be moved from one area to another without interacting with the user interface, so dishes can continue cooking at different temperatures for added flexibility.

Induction Technology

Induction technology heats the pan, not the hob, reducing energy dispersion by 10%, and providing perfect cooking results.

Power Management

With the Power Management function, you set the hob's power level, to avoid the risk of overloading the power supply in your home.


Enjoy super fast boiling times with the Booster cooking zone.

Booster 3KW

This Whirlpool Hob features a 3Kw booster for faster, effective heating results.

Flexible Cooking

Select the cooking function on your touch display and your hob will automatically adjust the power level accordingly.

Melting Function

The Melting function allows you to cook at very low temperatures, providing you with the ideal solution for melting chocolate, butter or for cooking light, delicate sauces.

Keep Warm

The low-powered Keep Warm function prevents your food from cooling, whilst the rest of the meal is being prepared.

Simmering Function

The Simmering function allows you to obtain the perfect results for your slow-cooking recipes, and prevents your food from toughening.

Outstanding Design

Cooktops are designed to be both beautiful and functional. The outstanding Filo Design of integrated cooktops makes cleaning easier than ever before.

Front Controls

Easy grip control knobs are situated on a convenient front control panel.

Product Features:
  • Timer
  • Main on/off switch
  • Automatic power settings
  • Perfect low-heat cooking
  • Warm meals, anytime
  • Superb simmering