Soda Stream Pepsi Max Cherry Drink Mix 440ml | 1924211440C

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Sodastream presents its Pepsi Max Cherry Drink Mix. Perfect for making your favourite fizzy cherry drink, as a mixer or on its own. Making your own drinks this way saves a lot on plastic use and therefore kinder to the planet.

Product Features

  • Pepsi Max Cherry drink flavour
  • Capacity: 440ml
  • Free from Aspartame
  • Creates 7-9 litres of fizzy drinks
  • Other flavours are available

Maximize your soda experience with SodaStream Pepsi Max Cherry Drink Mix. This 440ml mix is perfect for creating delicious Pepsi Max Cherry beverages, with a bold cherry flavor and no added sugar. Enjoy the refreshing taste of Pepsi with a hint of cherry all from the comfort of your own home.