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Russell Hobbs 3.5 Litres Chalk Board Slow Cooker | 24180

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Russell Hobbs 3.5 Litres Chalk Board Slow Cooker

The Russell Hobbs Chalk Board Slow Cooker in stylish Matt Black is a cookpot with a twist. As well as providing all the advanced and clever features that make Russell Hobbs Slow Cookers indispensable, the Chalk Board housing means you can write on it too. Whether you want to leave little notes for the family telling them what?s for dinner or you want to keep track of a recipe ? this creative concept will get everyone talking.

Perfect for stews, roasts, chillis, soups and more

If you?re cooking for up to four people, this family-sized, 3.5 litre cooker really can make your life easier. Not only can you come home to a tasty, nutritious pre-prepared meal, but you don?t have the hassle and mess that comes with using additional pans, grills or the oven. One compact pot does the lot.Ǩ

Considered to be an easier, healthier, more economical way to cook

Slow cooked meat can make mealtimes tastier. The gentle cooking action reduces damage to vitamins and retains more of your food's nutrients and flavours. It makes the most of your budget too because long, slow cooking can tenderise cheaper, tougher cuts of meat, and uses about a quarter of the power of the small ring on the average hob.

Key Features:

  • 3.5L capacity slow cooker
  • Matt black chalk powder coating
  • Glass lid to view food whilst cooking
  • 3 heat settings: high, low, warm
  • 2 pieceǨ of chalk that can be used to write on the body
  • Removable black ceramic pot & lid for easy cleaning