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Neff N50 Built In Electric Compact Oven with Microwave, Graphite Grey | C1AMG84G0B

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  • Integrated
  • 2 Year Warranty
Regular price €869,00
Regular price Sale price €869,00
Built-in microwave oven with hot air
  • Microwave - high wattage and low effort for quick meals
  • Hotair - Takes your baking to new levels thanks to our optimal heat distribution.
  • LCD-Display – simple, straightforward with large characters for clear reading
  • Control Dials & One-Touch Buttons – select the right programme using your intuition
  • Automatic programmes - Your kitchen helper with just the right default settings.
  • 45 cm high built-in combination microwave for defrosting, reheating or preparation of dishes.

Microwave: Always at the ready for fast food
Good things come in small units. Our microwave stands out only when you need it to. Its power lets you speed-cook your chicken dumpling for a quick and tasty meal. Or take it down a notch to parboil potatoes for a late-night snack, or prepare butter popcorn for movie night.
Hotair: For delicious dishes
Hotair: For delicious dishes
For when you want to make the most of your oven, use Hotair. It distributes heat evenly to ensure a good bake. Get ready to make that egg frittata and chocolate sponge cake – with tantalizing results!

LED/ LCD-Display
Simple, straightforward. That's our LED/LCD Oven Display, with large characters for clear reading. You can see from afar if your lasagne is bubbling at the right temperature, or check how much time has passed. And with our knobs or touch buttons, it's easy to access all the oven's functions.
Automatic Programmes: Enjoy the easiness of cooking at your command
Not quite sure how long to cook your sponge cake, roast beef, or lasagna? With our Automatic Programmes many dishes are at your fingertips. Simply select your dish, confirm and press start, the oven will do the rest. A convenience that makes baking all the sweeter.