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Morphy Richards Easy Time 6.5L Slow Cooker | 461021

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Morphy Richards Easy Time 6.5L Slow Cooker | 461021

Removes the Guesswork

The new Easy Time slow cooker makes the slow cooking experience even simpler. No more guessing which heat setting to use, clock watching or setting timers – simply set the slow cooker to the cooking time you require, and it selects the optimal heat setting for that time for you. 

Easy Time Selection

No more pushing buttons multiple times to get to the cooking time you want, simply turn the dial to the required time (up to 12 hours) then it’s as easy as pressing start.

Auto Keep Warm

Once the slow cooker has completed the cooking process, it will automatically switch to keep warm for 2 hours, ensuring that your food is kept at optimum temperature until you are ready.

Count Down Indicator

As the cooking time elapses, the LEDs also count down, allowing you to easily see how long is left at any time

Over-ride/Manual Heat Selection

The Easy Time slow cooker still includes the three traditional cooking settings of Low/Medium/High, so if for any reason you need to amend the heat setting - for example to follow a recipe - you can easily select an alternative with the press of a button.

Removable Aluminium Hob-Proof Pot

Our Sear and Stew pot is hob proof, so you only have to use one pot from start to finish - sear and sauté any ingredients first for increased flavour, and then transfer to the slow cooker. As it is made from aluminium, it is lightweight as well as shatterproof, unlike traditional ceramic which is heavier and breakable. It is also non-stick for easier cleaning, and it's dishwasher safe too.