Dimplex 20L 800W Freestanding Microwave | 980531 | White

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Charcoal Lighting Heater

Dimplex brings to you its new range of lightwave Convection Microwave Ovens, which offers you healthier and more versatile cooking. Maintains the natural flavours and makes your dish crunchy outside and juicy inside. The Dimplex beautiful White microwave with smaller unit size, this model is perfect for a compact space. Boasting 800W of power for quick cooking and 6 power levels, this is an excellent addition to any kitchen space. It has 20-liter capacity, and the Dimplex is perfect for any busy household.

Diet Fry

The Diet Fry feature in Dimplex Microwave Ovens lets you prepare these dishes with minimum use of oil. So now dig into those samosas, gujiyas, pakoras, and more without feeling guilty.


With the automatic programmes AutoPilot, you automatically achieve the best results. All you need to do is to place the dish in the oven, enter its weight and select the suitable of up to 85 operating modes.

Product Features:
  • Turntable
  • Push-button door
  • 30-minute manual timer
  • Premium graphite interior