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Bosch Series 6 Heat Pump Tumble Dryer, 9kg Load, Graphite | WQG245R9GB

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  • Drying Capacity: 9kg
  • Freestanding
  • Heat Pump
  • 5 Year Warranty
Regular price €899,00
Regular price Sale price €899,00
The smarter way to do laundry. This family-sized tumble dryer from Bosch uses a Heat Pump to dry your clothes - no vents or connections necessary, just plug in and go. Sensors inside save you time and money on laundry, and the self-cleaning function keeps everything running as efficiently as possible. There’s even a special cycle that uses air to remove bacteria from your laundry, giving those items you love some extra TLC.

AntiVibration reduces noise levels
Keeping vibrations to a minimum, the cleverly designed side panels and extra insulation means you don’t need to time your laundry around your favourite TV shows.

AutoDry ensures clothes come out perfectly dry
Sensors constantly measure the temperature and moisture levels to protect your clothes from overdrying and shrinking. When everything's dry, the cycle stops automatically.

SelfCleaning tech helps your machine run super efficiently
Cleaning ON TOP of cleaning? No thanks. The SelfCleaning Condenser ensures your machine always runs as efficiently as possible.

Fabric-friendly drying with extra care
The Sensitive Drying System offers your fabrics plenty of protection. Warm air comes from every direction, with the soft paddles gently mixing it with your laundry. Clothes stay fluffy and soft and, best of all, leave the drum with fewer creases. Ironing just got that little bit easier.