AEG Built-In Warming Drawer | KDK911424T | Matte Black KDK911424T

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Serve Meals Hot on Pre-Warmed Plates

Why let your perfectly cooked meals go cold? Serve at the temperature meals will best be appreciated on pre-warmed plates. The warming drawers high-performance fan circulates the heat evenly maintaining aconsistent 80C, the ideal, safe plate-warming temperature, even for the fine china you use when entertaining

Option to Pre-Warm Cups and Glasses

Warming cups, glasses and jugs at a cosy yet safe 40C will keep liquids Such as hof drinks and saucess warmer when served. Cup warming is essential to barista-quality coffee at home Coffee professionals recommend warm cups for freshly prepared coffee to retain its heat, aroma and crema for longer.

The Ideal Place to Let Your Dough Rise

The warming drawer is the ideal environment for your dough to rise when baking bread. Now you can turn out home-made loaves with the perfect shape and scrumptious texture created by a professional baker.

Easy Access and Extra Stable

The warming drawer glides open with ease and safety for full access to the interior. Inside, dishes and plates remain stable on the anti-slip mat.

In Perfect Style

Thanks to its stylish design, the warming drawer seamlessly integrates with the rest of your kitchen and perfectly matches your AEG oven.

Product Features:
  • 6 place setting
  • Ideal for dough proving
  • Plate warming at 60°c
  • Warming cups and glasses at 40°c,560