AEG Built-In Electric Single Oven | BPE948730M

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 The 8000 AssistedCooking Oven has a recipe collection built in, allowing you to precisely prepare any meal with ease. There s also a probe, which when inserted in food, analyses core temperatures. For consistently reliable results, in every single dis

Food Sensor

Thanks to the Food Sensor of this oven you can measure the core temperature from the center of your dish during the cooking process. So you get the perfect results everytime.

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Make Cleaning Effortless With Pyrolytic Cleaning

With one touch of the Pyrolytic cleaning function, dirt, grease and food residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

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Close Control Over The Cooking Process

The pyro proof telescopic runners in your oven optimize the precision with which you can access and handle the dishes you prepare – making it easier to cook delicious food time after time. Because they are pyro proof , you can clean your oven with the pyrolytic cleaning program with the telescopic runners inside.

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Assistedcooking Get The Perfect Taste Every Time

Whether sweet or savoury get the flavour you savour every time with AssistedCooking . A digital cooking assistant where you simply choose the food you are cooking, and it selects the optimal settings, so your dish is perfectly cooked.

Functional. Integrated. Personalised. Smart Kitchen

Remotely manage your oven, explore our various partners, and even get personalised cooking assistance, all via the My AEG Kitchen App. It’s the convenient and easy way to enrich your Smart Kitchen experience.

Electronic Touch Controls

Electronic touch controls for easy use.

71 Litre Oven Capacity

More room for your cooking thanks to its large oven capacity.

Inclined Floodlight Focuses 100% On The Food

Specially positioned at the front of the oven and angled directly onto the food.

Isofront Plus Quadruple Glazed Door

Isofront plus quadruple glazed door. Multi-layered glass panes, with heat reflective coating to keep the heat in the oven.

Fan Controlled Defrosting

Suitable for delicate items such as cream cakes, this light defrost circulates room temperature air around the food slowly, defrosting it hygienically in less than 1/2 the time.

Led Digital Display

Clear information at a glance with the LED display.

Base Heat Finishing

Heat from the bottom element only. Perfect for reheating pies and pastries as it keeps the pastry crisp. It can also be used on warm plates.

Food Probe

The electronic food probe takes the guesswork out of cooking. Once the selected internal temperature has been reached the oven will automatically switch off, ensuring perfect cooking results.

Child Lock For Added Safety

Oven controls can be locked to prevent misuse, providing safety and peace of mind.

  • Cleaning: Pyrolytic
  • Temperature range: 30°C - 300°C
  • Cavity size: 71
  • Largest Surface area: 1424
  • Noise: 48
  • Energy consumption, conventional mode, kWh per cycle: 1.09
  • Cavity coating: Grey Enamel
Product Features:
  • Electronic touch controls
  • Fan controlled defrosting
  • LED digital display
  • Child lock for added safety

Energy class (top oven) A
Height (mm) 594
Width (mm) 595
Depth (mm) 567
Built In Depth (mm) 550