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Subtle blends. Intense espressos. Or anywhere between
From an espresso shot to a subtle blend, choose a coffee that suits. The quantity can be adjusted to measure out the precise amount, and the aroma selection allows for a range of coffee strengths, from mild to intense. This ensures that each cup can be tailored to any taste.
The exact amount of milk for every coffee
Whether a silky latte macchiato or a foamy cappuccino, use the milk quantity function to get the ideal consistency in each coffee. Specify the exact amount of perfectly steamed milk for any cup. Ensuring the texture is just right, every time.
Perfectly prepared milk. Truly exceptional coffee
Get the texture of milk exactly right when using the thermal jug. It keeps milk at the ideal conditions for the perfect foam, allowing the consistency to be adjusted to suit any coffee – whether a flat white, cappuccino, or anywhere between.
Up to six cups of coffee at a touch
The MultiCup setting is ideal for serving several guests at once. Use the responsive command wheel to select up to six coffees, which are made in one go. Providing exceptional coffee without the wait.
Expertly foamed milk. Every time
The high-pressure steamer heats and foams milk to the ideal consistency for adding to coffee. Instant boiling water is also great for teas and other hot drinks.

  • Anti fingerprint stainless steel
  • Cool light illuminates the coffee outlet
  • Automatic Cappuccinatore fonction
  • Auto start function
  • 3 favorite programs