AEG 8000 Series 8kg Freestanding Condenser Dryer | TR848P4B

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  • Drying Capacity: 8kg
  • Heat Pump
  • Freestanding
  • 5 Year Warranty
Regular price €999,00
Regular price €999,00 Sale price €999,00
AEG has just made life so much easier thanks to the tech in this tumble dryer. MixDry makes sorting clothes and multiple washes a thing of the past, and the Anti-Crease tech means ironing's never been easier. It's also kitted out with sensors that'll also help save time, energy and money off utility bills. The only thing you'll have to worry about is getting up off the sofa and loading the thing.

SensiDry Technology
SensiDry ensures your clothes are never exposed to unnecessary heat. Surprisingly, despite the lower temperature it doesn’t significantly extend the drying time, but it does save energy.

Heat Pump Venting
Heat pump dryers are the latest innovation in tumble dryer design. By passing hot, humid air from the dryer through a heat pump for re-use, this more modern version of a condenser dryer is great at conserving heat and using up to 50% less energy. Handy if you want to keep the bills down and don't mind emptying a water container every now and again.

Sensor Drying
By automatically checking the level of moisture in your drying clothes, this machine can adjust the spin time accordingly, stopping the cycle when your clothes are dry. This not only saves energy but helps to protect your clothes from excessive heat damage.

Digital Display
Smart and stylish, the digital display shows how long your cycle has left, and the progress of the timer delay, making planning your cycle much simpler.

Low Noise Level
Creating 66dB of noise (that's about the same as general office noise), this tumble dryer will runs quietly enough so that you won't get disturbed while watching a film or TV with the family in the next room.