AEG 75cm Gas Hob | HGB75520SM

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  • Type: Gas
Regular price €529,00
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Set precise heat levels on the hob with StepPower. And experience extraordinary accuracy. The control of the cooking zones can be set between 1 and 9. That means you don't have to bend down to see the flame. And advanced technology delivers precise, consistent heat to pots and pans.

Steppower for Precise Heat

Experience precision on the hob with the StepPower control. And consistently prepare delicious dishes. The heat can be set from level 1 to 9, with each incremental step providing more power. Because exact settings mean excellent results.

New Generation Burners

The rapid burner design in this AEG gas hob allows the flame to act more directly on the bottom of the pan, giving greater efficiency and faster heat. These high speed burners let you cook up to 20% faster.

Powerful Heat with the Multi-Crown Burner

Experience a fuller flavor in your favorite dishes with the powerful multi-crown burner. This burner generates intense, direct heat; ideal for searing fish/seafood and for creating the most delicious flavors with the wok. Wok as it should be.

The Cast Iron Pan Supports Give Your Hob a Premium Look

Give your kitchen a professional look with cast iron pan supports on your hob. Continuous cast iron pan supports allow you to move the cookware easily and safely without lifting it, for a seamless cooking experience.

Effortless, Integrated Ignition

Gain quick, effortless access to powerful heat with integrated ignition. No matches or lighter required. The flame of each burner can be ignited with a turn of the knob. So you can cook faster.

  • Zone left-center: 4000W/122mm
  • Front center zone: 1900W/70mm
  • Back center zone: 1900W/70mm
  • Front right zone: 1000W/54mm
  • Zone right rear: 3000W/70mm
Product Features:
  • High-efficiency burners: up to 20% faster than traditional burners
  • Slim profile design
  • Control knobs with metal finish
  • Gas conversion kit for butane gas
  • Hob with controls
  • Control location: front left and right
  • Power cord length: 1.1 m
  • Voltage: 220-240 V