AEG 6000 ProSense 10kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine White 5 year warranty | L6FBK141B

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  • Washing Capacity: 10kg
  • Spin Speed: 1300-1400rpm
  • 5 Year Warranty
Regular price €589,00
Regular price €599,00 Sale price €589,00
If you’re after a washing machine packed with cool tech, look no further than this AEG model. With a 10kg drum capacity, you’ll be able to get large loads done in one go. And you’ll save energy with clever ProSense® tech. It weighs each load and tailors the cycle to match, only using the exact amount of water each time. But if you have a few items that just need a quick refresh, ProSteam® uses vapour to relax creases and remove odours – all without using detergent. Plus, the TimeSave option reduces wash time by up to 50%, making it great for busy bees. No need to wait hours to pop your fave shirt on the clothes rack - now it’ll be done in a jiffy.
Key Features
  • 10kg drum capacity - Great for large households
  • ProSense® technology - Sensors adapt cycle to the load
  • ProSteam® — Refreshes clothes and reduces wrinkles
  • TimeSave — Quick wash cuts cycle time down by up to 50%
  • Blue Woolmark — Give woollen fabrics the best care
  • 1400 spin speed — Gets rid of excess water
  • Delay timer — Set the machine to start when you want
  • Quick Wash — Cleans clothes in 15 minutes