Included in this price is a recycling charge of €5

When you want to start cooking right away
With the pureflame gas burner, your pan reaches the right temperature straight away. Turn it on, and the entire base of your pan will instantly heat up.

Twice the heat
means faster meals The 4kw wok burner on our hob heats your pots and pans quickly. The two flame rings provide double the heat, meaning less time waiting and more time cooking.

Good cooking and great looking combined
Efficiency and elegance meet! The highly heat-resistant grids on this hob provide sturdy support, and they're a streamlined treat for the eye as well.

The less-housework hob!
The smooth ceramic glass surface of this hob makes for less housework, and more fun! All it takes is a few wipes to leave it sparkling clean.

Enjoy the best of both worlds!
With pure-flame gas burners for instant heat and a smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface, this hob gives you the best of both worlds.

Press for instant heat
Press to immediately ignite the burner on this hob. The knob releases gas and activates a spark, providing you with an instant flame. No manual lighting, just a convenient start to cooking.

Key Features

  • Rotary dial controls, at the front for easy access
  • Big 4kW wok burner in the middle
  • 3 Medium burners, 1 small burner
  • PureFlame burners to direct the heat directly under the pan and not up the sides
  • Stylish gas-on-glass design with the instant heat of a gas hob and the easy cleaning of a ceramic one
  • Enamelled pan supports for easy cleaning and they're light weight
  • Automatic ignition
  • Flame safety device