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Doing the laundry has never been simpler thanks to the washing machine. Select the fast wash option on the display and press start to have your clothes clean in just 30 minutes. With detergent distributed evenly in water in every load, there's no compromise on care, while consistently low bills make Zanussi most convenient machine economical, too.

Time Saving

With the washing program, you can wash up to 3kg of clothes in just 30 minutes at 30 degree. Just press start to have your wash ready in half an hour.

Reducing Energy and Water Consumption

Save time and reduce your energy and water consumption thanks to the AutoSense feature, which automatically adjusts the cycle time, water and energy according to the size of the load.

Quick Wash Function

Get your clothes clean, faster. This machine has a QuickWash option that reduces the duration of your washing cycle by up to 50 percent. DelayStart lets you pre program the cycle to start within 3,6 or 9 hours when it is convenient for you.

Get Perfect Wash

The unique AquaFall system gets your laundry wet more effectively and ensures optimal utilisation of detergent clothes get cleaner even quicker.

Product Features:
  • Delay start option
  • Anti flood protection
  • Fuzzy logic technology
  • Balance control of the drum load