Whirlpool GOWL 958/NB gas hob: 5 gas burners

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Whirlpool gas hob: 5 gas burners - GOWL 958/NB
This Whirlpool gas Hob features: high efficiency burners, for
reduced energy consumption.
Power Burner 5000W
5kW burner. Enjoy tastier results, faster. Seal your meat
to perfection, boil water faster or enjoy a perfect stir-fry
dishes with the outstanding Power Burner 5000W.
High Efficiency Burners
High efficiency. Our High Efficiency Burners reduce
energy consumption by 20%. Thanks to their innovative
design and vertical flame, heat is delivered directly to the
pots and pans, avoiding dispersion.
Power Burner 5gas (PB)
Power cooking. This Whirlpool Hob features 5 Power
burners to provide extra heat and speed up boiling,
frying and steaming, while ensuring maximum energy
Speed to Boil
Enjoy faster boiling. Our innovative technology, by
effectively harnessing the energy of the flames, ensures
more heat is delivered directly to your pots and pans
allowing you to enjoy ideal cooking results, sooner.
Cast Iron Supports
Cast Iron pan supports for that professional look and
maximum stability in use.
Double zone G0
Versatile cooking experience. This Whirlpool Hob
features the versatile Double Zone G0, providing 2
separate heat zones, so you can easily cook with both
large and small pots and pans.
MultiLevel Flame
9 flame levels for different cooking methods. Always get
the ideal flame for your cooking methods, to achieve
perfect cooking results effortlessly.
Front Controls
Complete control over your cooking. Easily accessible
and genuinely intuitive, the controls are conveniently
positioned on the front panel of your hob, providing a
frictionless cooking experience

• Cast Iron Pan Supports • Electromagnetic safety device for each burner • Black Spin Brushed knobs • 3 GOG W Collection - Tris grids Cast Iron grids • Front controls • 90 cm hob • Mechanical control • Ignition type: knob • 5 Burners • 5 burners: 1 Double Crown Dual Valve 5000 W burner, 1 Semirapid 1650 W burner, 1 Rapid 3000 W burner, 1 Auxiliary 1000 W burner, and 1 Semirapid 1650 W burner. • Supply cord included • Dimensions HxWxD: 50x860x510 mm • Niche dimensions HxWxD: 41x840x490 mm