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  • Frame Colour - Carbon Silver
  • Visible Screen Size (Inches) - 55
  • QLED 4k
  • Smart TV - Allows you to stream music and videos, browse the internet and view photos
  • Apple Airplay - Allows wireless streaming between devices of audio, video, device screens and photos.
  • Amazon Alexa - Interact with your TV through an Alexa device and use your voice to control your viewing experience.
  • Google Assistant - Quickly find and play your favourite shows using just your voice.
  • Quantum Dot Display - More vibrant and brighter colours give the display a much richer picture
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You'll witness some of the best images ever produced at the resolution with the Samsung QE55Q90RAT 55 inch QLED 4K HDR Smart Television.



Samsung's Q90 range for 2019 is top end with this the smallest set of that selection, while still standing at a sizeable 55 inches.



A fantastic level of colour, clarity and contrast is achieved through the widest spectrum on the market, superb dynamic range and Direct Full Array back-lighting.



Keeping over a billion colours, with more than 1,000 shades of each primary colour, looking natural is a challenge that's well met.



This captivating colour stays accurate in ever-changing circumstances to work from a palette of deep blacks, bright highlights and sublimely-saturated shadow detail.



The dynamic metadata produced, scene by scene, allows the high dynamic range to make subtle improvements in colour and contrast throughout.



Quantum HDR 2000 can reach 2,000 nits of brightness in each frame with control of 480 local dimming zones, which are clusters of individual LEDs on the LCD back panel.



Screen uniformity is assured, with minimal flash-lighting or clouding, and the Ultra Black Elite filter will display dark colours solidly without glare from external light.



The Ultra Viewing Angle technology ensures a pin-sharp picture from all corners, with no degradation from moving off-axis.



The back-lighting system is deep enough to accommodate a substantial audio set-up of four speakers and two subs into its rear.



An intelligent sound mode can adjust the sound to suit the environment and content, making use of the artificial intelligence contained in the Quantum Processor.



The powerful processor will also upscale any lower definition footage, automatically remastering it until the 4K resolution is reached.



Additionally, AI and machine learning can personalise preferences and make recommendations on the smart hub and Universal Guide.



Your user habits and current trends are constantly assessed, so suggestions can always be made on what you'd like to watch.



The interface contains a world of options and settings with Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube ready to go, all of which are growing distributors of 4K programming.



More benefits of the Samsung QE55Q90RAT 55 inch QLED 4K HDR TV




    • Use the One Connect Box and One Remote Control to group all external devices.
    • The AI 4K Processor comes back into play as a Game Enhancer, with low lag rates.
    • Voice control comes through the Bixby app, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
    • A holding plinth in the middle of the screen and near bezel-less design is subtle.
    • The ambient mode has even more designs and features to make your TV artistic.