Remington Hydraluxe Pro Hair Dryer | EC9001

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Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer

The Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer has a Powerful Digital Motor and Hydracare Sensor, letting you create beautiful expert results with no heat damage*. The Moisture Lock Conditioners help preserve the hairs’ perfect balance of moisturewith every blow-dry.

Hydracare Sensor Technology

The Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer has Hydracare Sensor Technology that lets you create a beautiful blow-dry, without any heat damage*. Bringing you healthier styling, the sensor continuously regulates the temperature of the air directed to your hair, protecting against excessive heat build-up, without compromising on your styling results.

Powerful Digital Motor

The Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer lets you enjoy salon blow-dry results, whether you’re creating a bouncy blow-dry, a super sleek style or simply blasting your hair dry. Its Powerful Digital Motor delivers a precise airflow with speeds of up to 160km/h, for 50% Faster Drying**.

Moisture Lock Conditioners

Enjoy smoother, softer, shinier** results, thanks to the Moisture Lock Conditioners from the Hydraluxe Pro Hairdryer. Micro conditioners are released into the airflow with every blow-dry, forming a barrier to help preserve the hairs’ perfect balance of moisture. 

*no added damage vs. air-dried hair when drying with the Hydracare Sensor switched on

**vs. a standard Remington 2200W hairdryer