NEFF N 90 Built-In Fully Automatic Coffee Machine C17KS61H0



This function heats the water quickly and accurately to the required temperature so that you can enjoy rich flavour every time, and only uses the required amount of water.



Save your favourite beverages under your name so that you can access them quickly whenever you get a craving. You can save up to 8 different beverages and their settings in your favourites under different names to give everyone in your home their own personal menu.



With two grinding and brewing processes, this function makes extra-strong coffee with reduced bitterness, perfect for when you need an extra kick.


Steam blast

The milk system will stay clean and hygienic thanks to an automatic steam cleaning which takes place after each beverage is made, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of regularly cleaning out the system.



Prepare any milk or coffee specialty at the touch of a button, and even prepare two cups simultaneously – coffee for you and a friend.


Milk frother

Enjoy a creamy, fine-pored froth on the top of your beverages thanks to the innovative milk frother.



Along with the steam blast function, other features help to keep up good hygiene, including removable, dishwasher-proof milk nozzle parts, a removable drip tray, an automatic quick rinse programme when the machine is switched on or off, and an automatic descaling and cleaning programme. A display will show the number of remaining cups before descaling, cleaning and water filter changing takes place.


Hidden containers

The milk, water and coffee bean containers are all easy to access when you need them, but are hidden away behind a door so that your kitchen does not look cluttered. The bean container can store up to 500 grams and features an aroma-preserving lid, and the 2.4L water tank is removable. When the bean container or water tank are nearly empty, you’ll get a warning to alert you.


Ease of use

The C17KS61H0 makes whipping up a milky beverage easy with handy features such as the adjustable grind settings, which allow you to make your coffee exactly how you like it, and the reduced heat up time, which provides a fast first cup so there’s no waiting around for your coffee kick. A child lock stops little hands from accidentally activating or tampering with the machine.


Home Connect smart kitchen

Manage your coffee machine over your WiFi connection. Simply tap via the app and enable appliances to interact with one another automatically. Home Connect is an ever-growing platform that brings the future to your kitchen.