Miele H 2265 BP Active Oven with timer, XL oven compartment and pyrolytic cleaning

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Pyrolytic Cleaning

Pyrolytic cleaning is an automatic process in which residue in the oven is incinerated to ash at a very high temperature. This makes arduous scrubbing and abrasive cleaners a thing of the past. The pyrolytic self-cleaning feature turns all food residue to ash which can be easily removed from the oven surfaces without a trace. When it comes to energy consumption: As much as necessary - as little as possible.

Automatic Switch-off for Maximum Safety

You can lock the appliance with the touch of a finger to protect it from being switched on by mistake, for instance by children. A Miele oven will also automatically switch off if the maximum operating time is exceeded. Peace of mind should you forget to switch the appliance off.

Leave Time Management to Your Oven

Miele cookers and ovens offer multiple timer functions and a minute minder. You can select a start and finish time or the duration of a cooking process. Your food will be perfectly cooked at exactly the right time. The process is completed automatically at the end of the programmed time. Furthermore, during a power cut, the set time is saved for up to approx. 200 hours.

Ergonomic, Safe and Fully Telescopic

The fully telescopic runners allow easy removal of baking trays, racks and gourmet oven dishes from the cooking compartment and hold them securely in position. You can comfortably baste a roast or turn food over without the risk of burning yourself in the hot oven interior. Versatile use at every level.

CleanGlass Door

The interior surface of the door is completely flat without corners or edges. This allows the door to be cleaned very easily and in addition, it can be used as a shelf.

Product Features:
  • Retractable dials
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Clock/Timer functions
  • FlexiClip fully telescopic runners