Liebherr Freestanding Fridge | KBEF4330 BIO FRESH FRIDGE

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In the BioFresh compartments food retains its healthy vitamins, aroma and appetising appearance significantly longer than in a conventional fridge. Through its advanced technology the temperature is accurately kept at just above 0°C.


SmartSteel significantly reduces the visibility of finger marks and is very easy to clean.

The Ideal Temperature for Each Type of Food

The interplay of the ideal humidity and the ideal temperature is key to lengthening storage life and protecting nutritional content. Different types of food have very different storage requirements, for example, high-quality ham matures in dried Alpine air, mangos grow at high humidity levels and cheese develops its flavour in cool caves. The storage conditions in the BioFresh drawers can be adjusted to provide the optimum storage climate for different types of food.

Multiple Climate Zones in a Single Appliance

BioFresh technology is based on the observation that food stays optimally fresh when stored at just above freezing point. The temperature in the BioFresh drawers is therefore constantly maintained at just over 0°C. These drawers act as freshness safes, each of which offers optimal conditions for certain types of food and all in just one appliance.


If the BioFresh safe is set to HydroSafe, the humidity increases, and the HydroSafe climate keeps unpackaged fruit, vegetables and salads crisp and fresh for much longer. Precision electronic controls enable the temperature to be accurately maintained at just over 0°C so, even with high humidity, food will not unintentionally freeze.


When the slider is open, the humidity falls and the BioFresh safe becomes a DrySafe. Low humidity conditions are ideal for storing packaged fish, meat and dairy products. When stored in this comparatively dry environment, these products retain their flavour for far longer than in a traditional refrigerator compartment.

A Place for Every Type of Food

People's tastes vary and therefore, people have different refrigeration needs, for example, people who don't eat meat or dairy products need more space for fruit, vegetables and salad. But, whether you're a vegetarian or a steak lover, Liebherr's BioFresh refrigerators offer plenty of highly versatile storage space, which can be used however you want.

Market Freshness Enjoyed At Home

More and more people value a carefully balanced diet. The key to achieving this is eating fresh, high-quality food that's packed with important vitamins, trace elements and minerals. These nutrients provide energy, strengthen the immune system and support the metabolism in a completely natural way. The fresher food is, the higher its nutrient content. Although we rarely have time to go shopping every day, we do not want to manage without fresh food and therefore we need innovative technologies to help us store food for longer, while retaining its taste, texture and valuable nutrients.


Liebherr refrigerators and freezers maintain long-lasting food freshness through the use of innovative technologies.

Refrigerators with BioFresh

Refrigerators with BioFresh technology offer plenty of storage space and ideal storage conditions for all types of food. BioFresh uses specifically tailored humidity to keep fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood, meat, and dairy products fresh for far longer. BioFresh-Plus introduces even greater flexibility as the safe temperature can be specifically set to the required degree, and so the safe can accommodate the broadest range of food types.

Product Features:
  • Variospace
  • Auto defrost
  • Touch-electronic
  • A+++ energy rating
  • Activated charcoal filter