ELECTROLUX EOA5454BAK Bulit-In Multifunction Single Oven -Black PLUS STEAM

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A single oven installed at eye level and you only need to walk over to check on your dishes. This single oven gives you extra convenience in more ways than one. It not only enables you to cook many things at once sweet and savoury, grilled and baked but it also enables you to quickly and easily check up on all your dishes. Just walk over and look in.

These ovens racks have a clever design that makes them easier to take the trays in and out. It's a thoughtful touch that makes popping them back into the oven much simpler. These thoughtfully designed oven racks help to taken in and out the tray in one quick easy movement. It's especially useful when you need to quickly put a tray back into the oven and don't want to keep the door open too long. It's also great when you only have one hand free, because the other is balancing your dish!

With its rotary knobs and LED display, this interface gives you straightforward control. Select the cooking duration, and start and end time. When the oven is off, the display shows you the time.Cook all your favourites this interface gives you simple control. Push the buttons to set the start and end time, as well as the cooking duration. Twist the rotary knobs to select the temperature or activate one of many cooking modes. The LED screen will display the settings you select. And when the oven is switched off, it shows you the time.

With hot-air fan cooking, you can cut your cooking times and reduce the temperature. As a result, you save time and cooking becomes more economical. This oven offers you a simple way to cook more quickly and more economically. That's because it uses a hot air fan to cook each dish more quickly. You can also lower the temperature. A lower temperature means it needs less energy and that leads to savings.

Achieve the best grilling results, even for smaller dishes, is quick and easy with this oven's dual circuit grill. This oven features a dual circuit grill, which is both fast and efficient when grilling your dishes. In addition to achieving a wonderful crust, your dishes will look wonderfully browned. This dual circuit grill is also great for grilling smaller dishes.

Each of this oven's cavities is easy to clean thanks to their enamel linings. It takes no time at all to get the ovens ready for cooking the next meal. This double oven is easy to clean that's because both of the cavities have enamel lining, so food and grease can be wiped away far more easily.

Product Features:
'A' energy rating in both ovens for optimum efficiency
Ultrafan Cooking
Fan controlled defrosting
Retractable oven controls with LED display
Smooth enamel interior easier to clean
Removable door and glass panes for easy cleaning

**PRF – Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of: € 5**

Eclipse design InfiSpace Massive XXL litre cavity with catalytic liners. Multifunction oven with 8 functions. Velvet Closing, soft close door. Retractable rotary control with white fully programmable timer. Antifingerprint Stainless steel