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Closes Gently and Quietly
The new oven door with softClose cushions the closing process to the extent that the door closes gently. And it closes so quietly that you can continue to cook without being disturbed.

Hot air
perfect baking results on up to 2 baking sheets thanks to optimal heat distribution with hot air.

cookControl Plus: Pre-installed settings ensure best results.
Cook like the pros – without a lot of effort? Thanks to innovative technology, this can become reality. With cookControl Plus, Siemens has built a cookbook right into the oven.

The cookControl Plus function in your oven or cooker provides individual setting recommendations for the perfect preparation of your dishes. All you have to do is select the dish and enter the weight. The oven or cooker does the rest. cookControl Plus makes sure you always get the best results, for a wide range of dishes.

3D hotair
This function distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the oven, making it possible to cook on up to three levels simultaneously. Sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked at the same time without mixing flavours.

Product Features:
Eco clean setting
3D Hot air cooking
Heating up indicator
Full glass inner door
Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of €5.

**PRF – Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of: € 5**

Shorten your cooking time thanks to fast preheat.
fast preheat: reach the required cooking temperature sooner.
cookControl10: automatic programs ensure best results.
roastingSensor: simply reliable roasting.
3D hotAir: perfect baking results on up to 3 shelves thanks to innovative heat distribution.
ecoClean Plus: effortless cleaning thanks to a special coating inside the oven that automatically disintegrates dirt and reduces odours significantly - in both compartments.