Included in this price is a recycling charge of €5


Width (cm): 54.0

Height (cm): 177.1

Energy Class: A+

**PRF – Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of: € 5**

HF 1801 E F AA.UK.1

Hotpoint’s Ultima Freezer (HF 1801 EF AA.1) incorporates 210L of capacity distributed across eight clear-fronted freezer compartments which makes organising your food a breeze. Harnessing Frost Free Technology, a homogeneous cold air flow is created to stop the formation of frost. Promoting better and longer food preservation, the separate airflow controls prevent odour and flavour migration across the cavities. Taking care of the big food shops, the Ultima Freezer incorporates Super Freeze to accommodate new items, rapid freezing them to keep freshness and natural flavour, whilst promoting excellent energy efficiency. With an A+ energy rating, the Hotpoint Ultima Freezer (HF 1801 EF AA.1) also comes with adjustable thermostat to ensure you enjoy maximum efficiency with exceptional preservation of your favourite foods.