Electrolux EHF6140FOK 60cm 4 Zone Ceramic Rotary Hob

Included in this price is a recycling charge of €5
Electrolux EHF6140FOK 300 Radiant Hob 60 cm Built-in Ceramic Hob
A natural movement, all the way from low heat to high
Along the side of this hob are the rotary control knobs. They're designed to be easy to twist and turn when you change the power levels of your hob.
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    Always know exactly which zone is still hot
    With this hob, you always know exactly which zones are still hot, thanks to the residual heat indicators, which cleverly reveal where the heat is.
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    The wipe-down surface
    The ceramic glass surface of this hob is so easy to clean. A simple wipe, and you are done.
  • The versatility to install your hob anywhere you want to
    Because this hob is independent, you have way more flexibility to install it wherever you want to. Choose the location that suits your cooking style.


  • Ceramic surface - easy to clean
  • Bevelled sides for a sleek flush finish in the kitchen
  • Rotary knob controls
  • Controls position: Right
  • Left front zone: Hilight, 1800W/180mm
Product Installation Built-in
Product Type Electric Hob
Product Classification Core
Installation Independent
Size 60