Dyson Pure Hot + Cool reviews HP07

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For a more comfortable environment

The Dyson purifier humidifier helps improve your air quality. Its activated carbon and HEPA filters capture gases¹ and particles². Air Multiplier™ technology then projects purified, humidified air throughout the room³ – cooling you when required.




  • Senses

    Automatically detects particles² and gases¹, as well as temperature and humidity levels. Diagnoses and reports them in real time. 

  • Captures

    HEPA and activated carbon filtration. Captures gases¹ and 99.95% of particle pollution.²

  • Destroys

    Dyson Ultraviolet Cleanse technology hygienically removes 99.9% of bacteria in the water.⁴

  • Circulates

    Dyson Air Multiplier™ technology mixes and circulates purified, humidifed air throughout the room.³

  • Cools you

    In warmer weather, a powerful stream of purified, humidified airflow can cool you down.

  • Real data, real time

    Monitor your air quality with the Dyson Link app.⁵

  • Diffused mode

    Diverts airflow through the back of the machine. To purify and humidify, without cooling you.

  • Breeze mode

    Unique algorithms vary the airflow to mimic a cooling, refreshing breeze. 

  • Night mode

    Monitors, purifies, humidifies and cools using the quietest settings, with a dimmed display.

  • Sleep timer

    Programme your machine to turn off after pre-set intervals, between 15 minutes and 9 hours.

  • Deep clean cycle

    Activate the machine's Deep clean cycle at the touch of a button. It will guide you through the simple step-by-step process.