Clearance/Fisher & Paykel Built-In Stainless Steel | OB60SC9DEPX1


Clearance/ Fisher & Paykel Built-In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel | OB60SC9DEPX1

Sized to suit the food you cook, Fisher & Paykel has some of the largest Built-in Ovens on the market, providing up to 90L total and 77L of usable capacity*. The substantial oven cavities mean you are able to fit a large casserole dish or the family roast and a pie as well. Two shelves can be fully utilised at the same time without hot spots or uneven browning. A 5.5kg turkey or other cut of meat can be deliciously cooked using the optional rotisserie kit available for some models.

High quality roasting dishes, splatter trays and grills racks are available on all models.

Designed to Match
All models in our Built-in Oven range are finished in black reflective glass and stainless steel that blends elegant, minimalist aesthetic with design for durability. The finishes and handles match the rest of Fisher & Paykel’s coordinated kitchen family, from Cooktops to ActiveSmart Fridges, CoolDrawer Multi-temperature Drawer and DishDrawer Dishwashers.

Our pyrolytic self-cleaning models break down food residues at a very high temperature, leaving light ash that’s easily removed, while our catalytic models break down oil and fat splashes during normal cooking.

Pre-Set Oven Functions
The Fisher & Paykel 60cm Built-in Oven series features models with up to 11 oven functions. Selected models offer pre-set temperatures that deliver just what you need to cook each dish to perfection, at the touch of a dial.

**PRF – Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of: € 5**

Built for performance with an intuitive electronically controlled system that allows for precise mode selection across nine cooking functions including pyrolytic self-clean.