Belling 10kg 1500spin Washing Machine BFW1015

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Belling 10kg 1500 Spin White Washing Machine


  • 1500 Spin Washing Machine
  • SilentDrive Inverter Motor (1)
  • PlusWash
  • Hydrocare Drum
  • SensiWash
  • Stain+


SilentDrive Inverter Motor (1)

Our high-performance inverter motor reduces noise and energy efficiency


A useful function that allows you to pause the wash mid-cycle and add extra items to the load.

Hydrocare Drum

Featuring Hydrocare technology and a vented streamlined design. Improves wash performance by keeping clothes in contact with water for longer. Also protects your wash from the risk of damage.


Our integrated sensor weighs the load automatically and adjusts the level of water and energy required.


Varies the intensity of the cycle according to the wash. Choose from light, medium and heavy depending on how dirty the clothes are.